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Ikimashou! [Slice-of-Life] [Adventure] [Friendship] [Real-world Setting]

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Hello! I'm umineko-chan! I'm currently the only developer & artist for this novel. It doesn't have to be that way, as we are searching for an artist to draw our character's sprites and CG :D !

Ikimashou!/Let's Go! is a visual novel set in the wonderful land of Canada, more specifically in the cities of Montréal, Toronto, & Vancouver! Set off on the ultimate journey across the North, and make lots of friends along the way! It'll be a blast! 

You play as Zinnia Jackson, a determined & hardworking person residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who moved here around 1 year ago. Life is good, adventures are plenty, friends are few but close, and your job is great! Things keep getting in your way, though. School, parents, curfews (*cough cough*), who knows?! Longing for a happy and independent life, you head out to explore the rest of Canada and what it has to offer. Maybe make a couple friends along the way? 




  • Explore the cities of Montréal, Toronto, & Vancouver!

  • Full 1920x1080 HD resolution!

  • Mainly kinetic novel, with minor branches at times.

  • Beautiful backgrounds made from actual, real-life photographs! Maybe you'd even be able to tell where it is?

  • A sugar-sweet story about the power of friendship!

  • Super-duper adorable kemomimi characters! (Currently in a draft state, I will post examples later!)

  • Partial Japanese voice acting!

  • Full Japanese translations (To be worked on at a later date)



GUI - 99%
Background Images - 30% (there'll be a ton of background images to detail Zinnia's journey across Canada. Good thing I'm making them all.)
Character Art - 0% (this'll remain at 0% until I find an artist.)
Writing - 20% 
Movie Production - 25% (I learned Adobe After Effects just to make the trailer for the game! That's how dedicated I am!)
Programming - 50% 
Voice Acting - 10% 
Music - 75% (I am using royalty-free music from Audiostock and BGM Dova-Syndrome.) 


Screenshots & Backgrounds







Writing - umineko-chan

Programming - umineko-chan

GUI - umineko-chan, with additional elements by OKUMONO

BGM Production - solfa/luminouscore & BGM DOVA-SYNDROME

SE Production - 効果音ラボ (Sound Effect Lab) & BGM DOVA-SYNDROME

Movie Production: umineko-chan & OKUMONO + V

Backgrounds - umineko-chan & various photographers, a full list can be found in the downloaded game's credits.

Sprite & CG - Nobody yet! Maybe you could lend a hand?


I expect to release further demos of the game once I've recruited a CG/sprite artist. Keep your eyes peeled on on the links below for updates!





also, here's what I have in terms of concept art for the characters. An anime moe style is a must!



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