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Artemis Engine Skipping English Text

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Hey friends,

I'm doing some amateur translating of an Artemis Engine based VN from Black Lilith and have come across a small hiccup where lines replaced by their english translation are skipped over.

For example: 



If I were to replace the first line with anything in english, the game will start the scene at "この世界に存在する、人間以外の知的生命体――エルフ族について研究・考察する学問、エルフ学の権威である霧原龍太郎教授の自宅である。" However, if I were to start the first line with any japanese character (閑, 、), the line would display: "閑 A modest but spacious house in a quiet residential area" or even "、A modest but spacious house in a quiet residential area" before continuing onto "この世界に存在する、人間以外の知的生命体――エルフ族について研究・考察する学問、エルフ学の権威である霧原龍太郎教授の自宅である。"

All I've gotten done so far is extracting the scenario files (which come as a .txt) and it looks like the extracted files are used instead of the files in the packed .pfs. I've never tried to edit visual novels before, i'm clearly doing something wrong... Maybe it's about formatting? I'd love it if someone were to point me in the right direction!

Thank you for your time!

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