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VN. Forbidden Fruit. Teaser of the next Episode “Inside the darkness”

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Come and see the new update: https://www.patreon.com/Magic_fingers/posts


Episode 10 is coming soon! Hopefully you’re ready for the new adventures!


Inside the darkness


In this update, friends will meet another entertaining dungeon dweller. And they will help them cope with difficulties awaiting them along the way, and overcome dangers lurking in the caves. Meanwhile, Victoria successfully looks after the ship in the company of two cheerful crabs. Everything goes as usual, is it possible this is the calm before the storm?


What to expect from this update:

- 14000 words of exciting new plot; 

- 5 new scenes including revamped ones;

- New backgrounds;

- Over 50 different types of new animations;

- Over 50 minor additions and fixes for the dungeon system;

- Resolved translation issues for all previous versions;

- Bug fixes;


~ A more convenient way of enjoying Forbidden Fruit. We’ve made a very important QoL change. Now you’re able to download next updates through the game menu. From now on it’s going to be much easier for you to play new episodes.


For 20$ Patrons:

- New additional high-quality scenes and dialogues that make the feel of the plot and gameplay better.


Thank you for the continuous support. We hope you like the new version of the game.

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