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Tutorial: How to use Erogamescape, aka Japan's version of vndb

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Erogamescape, well I only know that I stopped using the score from there after I know that Umineko Episode 8 score was at 58. Granted there's a lot of understandable reason on why it get that score, although it's quite jarring anyway if one compared it to VNDB score in which Chiru here is one of the most well received VNs in there (Chiru itself is the bundle of Umineko Episode 5 to 8). Umineko scoring aside, it seems that Erogamescape users are not quite interested to all age VN, although big all age KEY VN such as Summer Pockets still manage to gather almost 1,000 votes which is quite a number as of now (Although the votes in the past can reach up to 4,000 votes though). That said, it's still the good site to compare on how Japanese and overseas people reception in regard of the VN, in which some of those can be quite contrast such as the aforementioned Umuneko Episode 8 or the most recent case Loopers.

PS - It's nice to know that we can also become Erogamescape members, although it seems that I'll just stick to VNDB here. Also nowadays it's easier to access Erogamescape which to say is quite nice considering that there's several hiccup in the past.

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