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Teaser of the next Episode “The way through caves”

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Hello! Finally, the time has come. These are the things you should expect from this update.

The way through caves

In this episode, before going to explore the coral caves, Maya decides to give her brother a test. Leo will have to show his skills to his sister and Shark. The team decides to split into groups in order not to leave the ship without a guard and at the same time explore the caves. Victoria and the crabs remain to watch over the ship while Leo, Maya, Shark, and Shana go to explore the caves. They have to fight enemies, get acquainted with the inhabitants of the caves, and find many useful secrets. The jellyfish also prepared some kind of gift for the team. Can't wait to find out what is it?

In this episode you will see:

- 16000 words of new intriguing plot;

- 3 new scenes and 3 revamped scenes;

- Over 55 animations;

- New features in the battle system;

- New interactions with the world;

- Improved the translations quality by the new proofreader;

- Several bug fixes.

For 20$ Patrons:

⁃ New additional high-quality scenes and dialogues that make the feel of the plot and gameplay better.

We appreciate your support. The update is coming so be prepared!

Don’t forget to visit our Patreon for more: https://www.patreon.com/posts/teaser-of-next-65884648

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