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Little Busters was spoiled for me. Is it still worth it or should i play other key vn? [SPOILERS]

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Hi, not a long time ago i got Little Busters spoiled for me and just wanted someone to talk about this. This year i want to play through the Key catalog. The only Key game that i have played so far was clannad and i really enjoyed it. I heard a lot of good things about Little Busters (Contrary to other Key titles that i hear a lot of different opinions, LB is usually regarded as an amazing VN). However one day i am browsing twitter and BAM! i stumble across a LB big spoiler. MAJOR LITTLE BUSTERS REFRAIN SPOILERS AHEAD (You have been warned).


I was spoiled that in Refrain we learn that the world of Little Busters is actually somekind of dreamworld. The main group friends got into bus accident (presumably i am not sure if that is correct) and someone died (don't know who atleast).

Normally i wouldn't even read such a post, but unfortunately there wasn't any spoiler warning.

So i am usually quite ok with stuff being spoiled (Sometimes it even hypes me up to read more and get to the spoiled part). I had some of my favorite works spoiled (Most notably certain elements from Higurashi and Umineko and i still very much enjoyed them.), but this seemed like quite a drastic spoiler even for me.

What do you think? Is my experience completly ruined or do you think it still can be enjoyed? Should i give it a shot now (Was planning to start it in a few days) or should play some other Key titles now (Was thinking about maybe playing some older Key games like Kanon or AIR since i like the old feel to them, but don't if they aged extremely poorly or are still great) and maybe play it at a later date.

I thank everyone in advance for responding since i don't have anyone IRL to talk about VNs.

(One last thing i apologize if i choose the forum subject wrongly. I just created an account (But have been to the forums before), so i am still unsure about some stuff.)

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Would your experience with Clannad have been ruined had you known beforehand that 


Nagisa dies?

I'd say that would have about the same impact on someone's enjoyment of that VN as knowing what you do would on Little Busters, maybe even less. LB is even more atmosphere and vibes than Clannad.

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