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Gakuen Saimin Reido -Sakki made, Daikirai Datta Hazu na no ni- Translation Project

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Futoshi is fat, smelly, and ugly, so he is teased and bullied by other students. But one day, he receives a parcel from his father who is an inventor. He opens it and finds a cell phone. According to his letter, he can hypnotize anyone using the cell phone. He is doubtful at first, but he visits a woman, Sayuri, who lives next door and tries it.... Yes, it works perfectly. He now plans to take revenge on the students who tease and bully him....

Release Date: 2008-12-19
Original Title: 学園催眠隷奴~さっきまで、大嫌いだったはずなのに~
Developer: Silky's
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
OS: Windows
VNDB: Gakuen Saimin Reido
Length: Long (30-50 hours)

Translator's Notes: 

I'm creating this thread to announce a translation project I'm starting for the above-mentioned VN by Silky's. Periodically, when I have new information to share about the progress I've made, I will update this thread here, under the "Latest Info" section. This is quite a lengthy VN, so this won't be finished anytime soon. If, for whatever reason, I abandon this project one day, I will share everything I've done up until that point, here, for anyone who might be interested in continuing my work.

Current Progress:

  • Prologue: 100%
  • Main Story: WIP
  • Epilogue: WIP
  • UI: WIP

Script Files Finished: 28/449


Latest Info (2022-04-24): Created this thread.

My previous work: Kangoku Academia (監獄アカデミア) by Anime Lilith.




(The above link will let you download the complete translation for the prologue, until "Day 1". This is for those who want to try it out. Be warned, it's the first draft. I haven't done ANY proofreading whatsoever, so expect typos etc. Place the "Mes.arc" file in the VN installation folder. Find the VN yourself, or buy it.)

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