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[Studio Frisay] Imasugu Onii-chan ni Imouto datte Iitai! Translation Project

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Imasugu Onii-chan ni Imouto datte Iitai!



This is an all-ages game by fairys, the sister brand of Sprite. It takes place before Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate.

Rikuto had a new younger brother Ayumu after his father’s remarriage. However, little did he know that Ayumu was actually his younger sister and it was under her mother’s orders that she pretend to be a boy to him. Every day, his heart beats a little faster around his overly cute ‘brother’ (sister), while her heart aches in having to hide her true identity from her kind brother.

With the arrival of spring, Rikuto and Ayumu begin attending the popular private school Asaoka Academy, with Ayumu dressed up as a girl. As he became friends with his classmates, he noticed that they all had something missing. His friend from middle school, Matsuri, has lost sight of what it meant to be a girl. The cool-mannered Mao dresses as a boy even though she is a girl. The extremely shy class rep Kimika wishes to change herself. With Ayumu by his side, he sets out to help them seek out what they are missing.

VNDB: https://vndb.org/v7766

Where to purchase

The game can be purchased legally from DMM (https://dlsoft.dmm.com/detail/fairys_0001/), but this requires the use of a Japanese proxy to access the website. Not that hard to do, just annoying. That is where I obtained my copy.



The English localization project is taking place under the banner of the newly established Studio Frisay, of which I (Tooko) am the sole member. That means I am doing all of the translating and editing of the script, in addition to the image editing, and at least all of the (major) engine hacks (there are one or two things on that front I may need help with in the future). I actually have extensive experience translating and editing text and images, although this is still my first ever visual novel translation project (I was previously a scanlator for a number of years in another life).

Studio Frisay Discord server


Programming: The game is built on the BGI/Ethornell engine, and after an extensive combination of research, testing, trial and error, and just plain dumb (beginner's) luck, I've managed to solve all of the major programming issues, including dumping and re-encoding scripts, dumping and editing of images, altering system images/text, repackaging of system files, and changing how all fonts are handled in-game, including sizing and positioning. I still want to figure out how to incorporate Locale Emulator natively and one or two other things that will improve usability, but none of that will prevent the patch from being completed at this point.

Translation: The translation officially commenced on April 4, 2022 and was completed on June 27, 2022. The game has 44,837 lines across 460 separate scenario files split up between the common route and four heroine routes:

Common: 8910 / 8910: 100%
Ayumu: 12045 / 12045: 100%
Matsuri: 8168 / 8168: 100%
Kimika: 7719 / 7719: 100%
Mao: 7995 / 7995: 100%

Total: 44837 / 44837: 100%

Images: There are about 145 images in need of editing for text, 33 of which pertain to the UI. Editing of images is shared between me and nReus, who will also be translating and typesetting lyrics onto the OP/ED videos.

Translation progress link on Google Sheets


Special thanks goes to arcusmaximus over at GitHub for developing both VNTranslationTools and EthornellTools which were absolutely essential in making this project even possible. Also, another shout out goes to Perturbed Pangolin over at Operation Bellflower whose blog posts related to the BGI/Ethornell engine were crucial with the programming in this game.

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Posted (edited)

Interesting......there is a manga based on this focusing on Ayumu. Good luck with the project. It is nice to see more people take up games that have an actual story rather than all the nukige we see getting pumped out.

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Today I've hit the first major milestone by completing the translation of the common route, a full 20% of the game's content. I even managed to complete it a little sooner than I expected, although I'm leaving all the editing for after the entire translation is complete, so it's not done by any means.

Thank you for the support I've already received. Next, I'm going a little out of order and I'll be working on Matsuri's route.

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The second major milestone has been hit with the completion of translating Matsuri's route, bringing the total content translated up to 38%. Translation is going well without too much in the way of setbacks, and I hope to continue at this pace for a while longer.

I'm happy to see others are looking forward to playing this game eventually. If all goes well, I might even be able to finish the patch before the end of the year, but that's still a long way away with tons of work left to do. Speaking of work, next I'll be working on Kimika's route, the shortest of the four heroine routes, and the only one not written by Katagi Kou. Kimika's is written by Tanizaki Ouka, probably best known for Uki's route from Chaos;Child. Kimika's route is also more compact, with just over half of the 70 scenario files being over 100 lines each. In comparison, Mao's route is almost exactly the same length as Kimika's, but Mao has 82 scenario files, and Matsuri's which isn't that much bigger than Mao's has 84. So the overall pacing and feel of Kimika's route is bound to be pretty different compared to the rest of the content.

By the way, I update the totals in the first post weekly every Sunday morning, so come back and check to see how things are going from time to time.

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Posted (edited)

Two more milestones have been met in the past week. The first is that over 50% of the game has been translated as of June 2, and also that Kimika's route is now fully translated, bringing the total translation up to 55%.

Last time, I had mentioned that Kimika's route is the shortest, and although that's technically true by line count, I looked over the individual character counts again and I realized that Kimika actually has about 150,000 characters (kanji/kana), which is almost exactly how many characters the common route has, despite the common route being almost 1,200 lines longer. At first I wasn't sure what to make of this, but now that I've gone through Kimika's arc, I can say that Tanizaki Ouka tends to be more verbose and descriptive than Katagi Kou, and although this can really enhance the story at certain times, other times it can be a little too much since Tanizaki can also be very repetitive. Either way, it was interesting seeing how different their two writing styles are, and how they also mesh well together when the game is taken as a whole.

So, if it wasn't obvious already, I'll be working on Mao's arc next, which by both line count and character count is almost exactly the same length as Matsuri's arc, with just slightly less lines and less characters. I've been leaving Ayumu to do last since her arc is the longest by far, taking up almost 27% of the entire game's content with 131 individual scenario files, so yeah, that'll be interesting. So until the next status update, I'll just keep plugging away at it.

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Finally a quicker update than usual. I actually managed to finish translating Mao's arc much faster than I expected, but that mainly lends itself to Katagi Kou's relatively straightforward writing style that I've gotten quite used to over the course of translating the common route and Matsuri's route that he also wrote. But also, I confess, I had a lot of fun reading through Mao's arc. Like, a lot of fun. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed the entire story thus far. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't love the story, obviously. But each arc has its own unique attractions and charms to them, which should be the goal of any visual novel. Can I just say that I think it's a shame that Katagi Kou only ever (primarily) wrote Koichoco and Imaimo? The whole reason why I even picked up the project was because I loved Koichoco on the whole (it wasn't perfect, but no game is) and wanted to read more of what the author wrote, only to find he wrote only one other game.

But enough of my ranting. The total translation stands at 73.1% complete with one route left, the behemoth herself, Ayumu. But knowing that hers is the only one left makes it a little easier mentally, even if it's just over 12,000 lines strong. So I can finally see the light as the end of the translation tunnel, but there will still be a ton of work to do after that, meaning the patch won't actually be out for many more months, but at least I'm nearing the end of that major hurdle. Hopefully I'll have made a good chunk of progress through Ayumu's arc by the Sunday update. So until the next update.

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Hey, Tooko. Amazing job with the translation speeds, it's about around the level of Tsurezure Scans speeds in their prime, if not, faster.

Gonna rehash what I said on the discord server since that place is essentially a ghost town. Coincidentally, the two of us began translating Imaimo within four days of each other (me informally announcing my attempts in the koichoco patch server), but after discovering this publicly announced project that blew my translation rate out of the water, I decided to stop.

Now, I still wish to have some sort of involvement. If you haven't already, I can provide typesetted OP (which I have translated) and ED (not translated yet) movies, which can be distributed optionally. I did this for the Koichoco HR patch as well.

Again, thank you for tirelessly translating Imaimo, and as a one-person team at that!

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Finally, after 12 weeks of daily work, the translation is officially complete as of today, June 27. But all of that will have to be edited later on this summer. In the meantime, image editing will commence immediately, starting with the UI images, of which there's 33 individual images that have text that needs to be translated/edited. Then there are a bunch of other background CGs with text that have to be done, too. I'm not sure how long the images will take.

Also, thanks to nReus for offering to translate and typset the OP/EDs. I wasn't originally planning on doing them since I've never done that sort of typsetting before, so I'm really thankful that the patch will have that little bit extra bonus. Also, it's crazy that we had coincidentally started translating the game independently of each other at almost exactly the same time, but I appreciate being allowed to translate the entire game on my own. nReus has also kindly offered to help me edit some of the images, so hopefully that will speed things up a little on that front.

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