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Recommend me a VN with a revenge-fueled story.


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So what I'm looking for is pretty simple:

 One or more of the heroines has to be out to get revenge on someone.  Bonus points if there are rival heroines.

The protagonist willingly assists said heroine in her quest for revenge. Bonus points if he starts out as neutral/apathetic to the heroine's goals, but becomes more and more invested as the story progresses. 

 I'm open to untranslated suggestions.


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Well usually the VN with revenge them have the MC did commit the act, so it's kind of rare to see the heroine start the revenge plot of her own. That said, there are several VNs that can be qualified to a degree, such as Semiramis no Tenbin. Still if you interested with the MC also involved in revenge, there are several translated title of it such as Baldr Force (You can also try Baldr Sky duology), Muramasa, Kikokugai, and Hello Lady. I hope that my recommendations here can be helpful to you.

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14 hours ago, GXOALMD said:

If you haven't read the Devil on G String yet, then I've got a pretty good suggestion for you.

G Senjou  no Maou is a classic. I should've mentioned I had already read it. But yeah, Usami Haru fits the bill perfectly. 


8 hours ago, littleshogun said:

Well usually the VN with revenge them have the MC did commit the act, so it's kind of rare to see the heroine start the revenge plot of her own. That said, there are several VNs that can be qualified to a degree, such as Semiramis no Tenbin

Hey, thanks for the suggestions! I just started reading Seramis no  Tenbin today after seeing it recommended on another thread. And yeah I get what you're saying  about the MC's involvement being the driving factor. It actually makes more sense.  But I wanted something a little different, with the MC gradually getting more and more invested in someone else's revenge. Will check out the other VNs eventually. 



3 hours ago, Zalor said:

Kei's route in Dies Irae applies

Almost forgot about this, it's been on my list forever. Will get to reading it soon. 

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I won't spoil it, but Nanairo Reincarnation has revenge aspects on certain paths.

Toshiro Kashima of Vermilion Bind of Blood was an avenger for a time and pursues it during some of the paths.

Ryakudatsusha no In'en is a vengeance story.  Ryuukishi Bloody Saga is his life afterward.

Venus Blood Hollow is a vengeance story.



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It's not easy to quote other visual novels than the ones you've already been advised...

I found a visual novel that offers the exact opposite of what you're looking for XD a protagonist who seeks revenge and recruits heroines to help him in his quest for vengeance 😛

If you're interested, it's Revenge Story (https://vndb.org/v34586) which is still in its demo stage... Discovered on Kickstarter

But it's really the exact opposite of what you're looking for 😛

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The heroine isn't exactly the one looking for revenge, but you have heroines who assist the protagonists in their revenge in both of these cases. But they are most likely releases that can interest you and they are short games.

The first option is Gen Urobuchi's Kikokugai. While I think the story is quite flawed and the ending displeased me to death (probably establishing itself as the worst VN ending I have ever seen to be honest), the overall plot progression, worldbuilding, characters, style and worldbuilding did please me a lot. If you don't mind some imperfections, I can guarantee this is one of early Nitroplus' most memorable works. Especially because Zizz Studio went insane on the soundtrack, really good stuff.

Second one, well, Full Metal Daemon Muramasa famed author Narahara Ittetsu wrote this short VN called Hanachirasu that is not only a pretty good story of this nature, but also has a lot of creative ideas that would later return in his magnum opus. This one is a lot more polished even if I still have some complaints on the way they deal with h-scenes. However, the story is pretty good and I would totally see a script like this being adapted into a cult classic swordfighting movie if you give it to the right people.

Both of them are Nitroplus, and thinking on it... This company have a pretty good story that literally fits your description to its core; where all of the routes are basically heroines trying to get some sort of revenge on someone and the protagonist gets dragged into their personal stories. And yes, there are rival heroines in some manner. It's Full Metal Daemon Muramasa itself, highly regarded as one of the best VNs of all time. If you haven't read this one yet, you are losing one of the best stories you'll ever witness in this medium. Believe me, it deserves all the fame it has. And it has been recently translated in case you don't know Japanese. Go for it. It's long as fuck, but it's worth it.

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TMinikui Mojika no Ko

TOPIC: Revenge on school mates

There is one eroge that is a purely revenge-based rather brutal eroge. It is called "Minikui Mojika no Ko". I remember faintly how it went, but the beginning is honestly really memorable. The main character is uglier than sin and he gets bullied and teased by people in his school for it, but he has the special ability to read their thoughts (as depicted as Japanese text that floats around these characters exposing their true thoughts. These are usually full of insults and disparaging thoughts and so after enough abuse the protagonist may snap and do some really evil shit to some of these girls. "Minikui Mojika no Ko" is basically a take on "The Ugly Duckling" produced by Nitroplus, but it feels more like a CLOCK UP Title through and through.

Can be purchased on JAST when they finally localize it, they are not really subtle about working on it tbh.


TOPIC: Revenge on Mahou Shoujo who work for a rival Goddess (with fat boobs)

Another title about revenge that I can come up with is Yamizome Revenger. In this you play as the protagonist who is taken over (half) by an evil demon who wants to expose the truths in girl's hearts. And while it is a more comedic type of revenge it is a game about corrupting heroines and there are definitely a lot of sections which clearly classify as violent hatefucks. I worked on this game and saw every single of its H-Scenes and I tell you --- I've seen some shit in my time...

Can be purchased on JAST-Store




TOPIC: Revenge on humanity

Last game I would like to recommend is "Night Shift Nurses", but I do not want to say much besides that it is about a Doctor called Hirasaka Ryuuji who has been experimenting on women and still does so. I have not played deep into it yet, but this guy probably has some of the most misanthropic and hate filled dialogue that is just authentic if uttered such a flawed character that is clearly villainous. I mean he threatens the taxi guy in the first 5 minutes of the game. 

Japanese only, get it on DLSITE

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