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Need help trying to parse .ks scripts from Rui wa Tomo o Yobu

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I have been playing around with the idea of translating Ruitomo (Full Voice Edition), and for that I have tried to look around for tools that can help me extract the data files. So far, I have tried:

1. KrkrExtract - managed to extract data.xp3 (archive itself is unencrypted) into the original file structure, but all files seem to be encrypted/gibberish. All .png files cannot be viewed with an image viewer. Opening .ks files with Notepad++ and switching to Shift-JIS encoding does not yield readable text.

2. GarBRO - same result as KrkrExtract

3. Kirikiri Tools (https://github.com/arcusmaximus/KirikiriTools) : does not recognize the .ks files as scrambled script files. 

4. VNTextPatch (https://github.com/arcusmaximus/VNTranslationTools) : outputs an Excel file with gibberish text


Here's an example of a .ks file I have extracted: 



Also, maybe this could be a hint, but each .xp3 file in the game folder is associated with a .xp3.sig file. Wondering if this has anything to do with the encryption


Would appreciate any help in deciphering the contents of the script, or pointers to the right approach to do so. 

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