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H-code for Gibo no Shizuku - Tinkerbell.

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I think it's not 'some games' that can't be hooked by the x64 version. I tend to believe that x64 version of Textractor can only hook 64bits exes while x86 can only hook 32bits exes. Technically, that would make sense at least.

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I don't know this game, neither do I know this game's engine, I then can't answer you. Though here is some advice before giving up :

 - be sure to get the latest version of Textractor ;

 - use the x86 version in most cases (seems to be the case) as most exes are 32bits ;

 - use the function "Search for hooks" : honestly, this is a really well thought function (even if a bit cumbersome to use) that hides possibility for many hooks to be found. I suggest you search online (Google + Youtube) how to use it if you don't know. Sometimes, this function makes your game crash but don't give up too quickly if you really want to play this game.

EDIT : afterthought :

 - I never really tried to understand why or even checked closely about this, but at times it occurred to me that not using Local Emulator for the game exe only but also for Textractor can make a difference. Try both (with and without Local Emulator for both game and Textractor). Try Local Emulator as Admin as well.

 - Also, I've not encountered this myself, but I've read about people having problems hooking with some DRMs (DMM's notably). If you are in such a case with this game, I suggest you try with AND without a crack, both with Local Emulator and without too.

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