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Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女)/Bakery Girl ~ Withered Story


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This is quite an old visual novel. It has a SRPG reboot called Codename: Bakery Girl. This, Girl of the Bakehouse is the original short visual novel. I recommend it to those who like military, tragedy and romance genre. Honestly, I think it is pretty good for a short visual novel. So, hope you pick it up in your free time!


Link to VNDB:https://vndb.org/v33383

Link to original game (already patched with translation. make sure to change to Chinese locale before playing or you'll get error):

Link to youtube (full gameplay):


Link to full ED:


Link to complete OST:



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EDIT: No offense to OP, but I would prefer if people used my own link for downloading the game. I can't vouch for how up to date or secure other links might be.

Hello, hello, made an account just for this lol. To clarify I'm the guy that made the patch.

Always glad to see people spread the word about this work. Extremely niche, yet likely one of the most important VNs of all time.
Without Bakehouse chances are the larger Chinese Gacha industry wouldn't exist in the first place, so even if it's niche, the ripples left by its impact are honestly immeasurable and still felt in the industry today.
I could go off for days about this, but to spare this forum of my random presence, here's an article I wrote summarizing the history of MICA Team, the developers of this VN.

After the patch I also grabbed an artist and started working on a Ren'Py remaster that also reimagines the three other stories surrounding Girl of the Bakehouse that never actually released. Development's really slow right now, because both of us are lacking resources, but you can find all the details here.


If y'all have any questions feel free to let me know!

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