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Katawa Shoujo Full Version 10th Anniversary


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The creation and release of Katawa Shoujo is still I think one of the proudest moments of the Western VN scene so I think it deserves a topic celebrating it's 10th anniversary. I also know that a lot of people who eventually became active on here got their start with Katawa Shoujo (I could be wrong, but I believe our esteemed Admin @Tay even falls into this category). In any case, it's definitely among my favorite VNs and I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and memories of it. On that note, years ago @Palas made an excellent post about it and I'd like to share that here: Katawa Shoujo Analysis – A Hurricane and a Mountain 

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  • Zalor changed the title to Katawa Shoujo Full Version 10th Anniversary

As for Katawa Shoujo, I remember that my roommate play this at around 2009 in that back then it's just a trial version of it. Obviously back then I didn't expect that there'll be full version, only to have 4chan manage to release the full version of it at January 4th of 2012 (I remember the date because that date was happen to be one of the important date for my family). Well Katawa Shoujo here is definitely not my starter VN (The title goes to Shuffle and Kira Kira), although I won't deny the fact that it's the first VN for a lot of people though along with one of the most popular VN on VNDB which really says a lot if we remember that this is just merely an OELVN (In fact had Katawa Shoujo is not OELVN I would add this on my list in regard of best rated translated VNs in 2012).

PS - Oh yes Katawa Shoujo here is very popular, so much that JAST add this to their own storefront in which as far as I remember it's only for Japanese VNs (I may be remember it wrong though) and with this it might be the first free VN on JAST storefront there. The tweet for the proof below.

By the way you can also download the artbook along with the soundtrack at JAST as well.

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I have very fond memories of Katawa Shoujo, even though it wasn't my first VN. I remember great, often very soothing music and kind of comfy (?) atmosphere. Also, the characters were quite memorable and well written. For some weird reasons some switch got flipped in my memory, and in my head I remembered the voices of the characters even though the game was unvoiced ;)

For me this is one of the true gems, not only for OELVN, but among VNs in general.

This, together with The Language of Love is one of the very few OELVNs (perhaps even the only ones) that managed to convincingly pull off the japanese setting. I even remember some people on the forums believing that KS was translated JVN ;)

My favorite routes and heroines were Lily and Hanako.

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