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Can Anybody Clear my mind about Grisaia Fruit VN and Anime?

Rahman N

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I completed both Seasons of Grisaia Fruit without Reading VN. Can I continue from where Anime left? Or the Two seasons covered the whole Grisaia Fruit plot?
As for Anime plot first season seems to be the overall backstory of all five girls and Main character's involvement with them . Second season covered 


 up to Which Yuuji kills his nemesis with the help of his girls.

Flashback of his Sensei was also covered on second Season. 
So the anime Covered the whole plot of VN in two seasons?

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It covers the overall story of the VNs, yes. There is no continuation after. (I won’t count phantom bullet or whatever as canon, fight me.) Kajitsu is extremely different in places, though, especially the endings. (The anime ending to Kajitsu is anime original and not a part of the VN.) So I’d recommend reading Kajitsu. The other two are pretty well adapted. (And in my opinion those two VNs aren’t that interesting anyways.) 

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Actually the anime ending here would be in line to what Frontwing did when it come to their attempt to connecting Kajitsu with the rest of the sequels (That I call as the fandiscs of Kajitsu lol) that Frontwing did force when they developed the VNs, although obviously they need to rushed the first season because they only have 13 episodes so much that there's no enough episodes to tell the stories for each heroines. So yeah while the anime here is indeed cover the whole story of the trilogy, it's still not cover the heroines original ending so if you want to see more of the heroines you can play Kajitsu VN version although beware that the VN itself is quite long. Also I don't mind that mod Dergonu didn't treated Phantom Trigger as the sequel, seeing that it's pretty obvious that Phantom Trigger is Frontwing's attempt to milk more Grisaia in which it's not appropriate seeing that the series is complete enough without it.

tldr - The anime did cover whole story, but if you want to see more of the heroines then you can read the VN version of Kajitsu.

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