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10 Untranslated Visual Novels I Am Interested In Reading


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As for Bokusen, I did read Joyjason's review and let's just say that if you didn't expect that the writer (Looseboy) do the same trick from Talentless Nana (He wrote Bokusen first though) then you'll be as angry as Joyjason if you read Bokusen later. Aikoi here did a good job on applying the trope 'She Is All Grown Up' for one of the heroines, and perhaps Nekonyan can once again negotiate to exchange this in place of Melty Moment if possible. As for GIGA VN, actually we also have Duel Savior translated by Aroduc which it's the first translated GIGA VN and Aroduc did add the ability to change the voice and contents between PC and PS2 version, but I guess it's really overshadowed by both of translated Baldr VNs nowadays. Too bad that Trip decided to cancel Virgin Road translation because he didn't like Maki, so we can only hope that JAST somehow manage to pick up original Tsujidou and then localized Virgin Road as well (Yeah I know the chance of it is very miniscule if none).

Anyway as for the topic, I also has my own list of the untranslated VNs that I'm interested with to see it translated, so here's my list below.

For the info I did list the first four back at Nekonyan's discord when there's a trend to list four VNs that you wish to see it translated, and I did think that it would be nice to see more magical girl VN translated. For Apeiria, well it has nice design for the in-game outfit in which it remind me a number of isekai anime that has nice outfit design and it also help that it has nice science fiction setting. I just think it would be nice to see more VN with Tsubasu's art (ie Mahiro Iro Symphony) was translated, and as for Suzukaze I'm kind of curious in regard of the extensive after stories that Joyjason said (Also it would be nice if Sekai can focused on this as the Whirlpool VN that they translated instead of the shorts moege that Whirlpool produced nowadays).

I see both of Sorceress Alive and Shinsou Noise are available on Johren, which mean that it's just that Shiravune will soon or later localize it (Hopefully). 

I want to see on how good Sengoku Koihime is compared to Koihime Musou. It has the project with one third of it was translated, although it would took some time before it finally finished, seeing that the last update of it was at May last year.

As for Kakenukue, well I like on how sexy the school uniform is lol (It remind me of Natsuyume uniform) so I would like to see this translated by Nekonyan (Very shallow reason to have it translated I know), in which it shouldn't have much engine work compared to Kirikoi (They need to port it from Siglus to Unity) since Kakenuke used Kirikiri engine and most of Nekonyan's VNs are using said engine.

For the last two, while there's Indonesian translation of it I would like to see English translation in order to have more people read it, and I can say that I like Sankaime here. As for Inochi no Spare, while I did think that the disease is like something from soap opera I know that people did like said VN even when it's still untranslated.

Well that's all for what I can say in regard of the topic.

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