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Winter Anime List of 2022

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Two gender benders in one season, huh? Usually they happen, like, once every ten years, lol. I've heard that the one with the bishoujo ojisan is pretty funny, and the other one has a rather mixed reception. I personally lost interest in both after a few chapters, but I may return to them again. Probably not in the anime format though.

Leadale is cool, by the way. It's a pretty standard isekai, but relatively well done.

Arifureta season 2 is coming, huh. I haven't watched the first season, and I'm not going to, but the reception was terrible. And I've seen some videos that compared it to the original book, and, yeah, they skipped a lot of things. But who knows, I've heard that there were some production issues with the first season, and apparently the anime had only half of the budget it was supposed to have, so theoretically this season may be better. I'm not going to check.

Honestly, I probably won't watch anything this season. Maybe I'll check out a few episodes of Leadale to see how faithful they are.

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I see that Fabiniku and Kenja no Deshi (The gender bender anime) has anime, and what I can say that I favor the latter because it really focused on said MC who turned into female while Fabiniku still has some focus on the male handsome best friend who didn't change into female. As for the rest, let me try to comment some below.

  • There's Akebi as well, and from what I can see in the manga at least it'll be focused on several first arcs along with the good animation that should be the norm seeing that the author did really draw a lot of wordless picture that show off on how much Akebi did movement.
  • Sono Bisque is an interesting title in that it's the love that was started from the gal girl asking her male classmate to make some cosplay for her and that said male classmate has trauma that he was mocked by his female friend because his passion with Japanese doll, and at least the mangaka did directly say that the main focus is the male classmate unlike Runway de Waratte in that the author did bait us with female MC only to reveal that the male student who aspired to be the designer is the real MC.
  • In regard of Realist Kingdom, well let's see on how far JC Staffs will adapt the story seeing that there's still more after the aftermath of the war at the end of first season.
  • I only know that Leadale has several translated chapters in regard of the manga, so perhaps I'll check that out if possible seeing that it's still quite rare to see isekai female MC.

Lastly there's also two golf anime with female MC (Sorairo Utilities and Birdie Wings) and the CUE anime in that it resemble Sore ga Seiyuu (And Ninki Seiyuu), and Shikakumon in which the MC was enjoying the fight against strong enemies a bit too much. Of course there's also Delicious Party Precure (DPPC) in which I'll keep following it after TRPC ended, and the well known Demon Slayer season 2 in which I'll leave it to my brother to watch it. That's all for what I can talk in regard of Winter 2022 anime, and by the way I still wait for Machikado Mazoku season 2 that will be aired at April 2022 later.

PS - I know that there's also Princess Connect ReDive season 2, and after seeing some comment in regard of the first season of it perhaps I'll check that out as well if possible.

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