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It's Santa Hat Time

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Ho ho ho, ho ho hoes; 'tis the season!

If your avatar is the same as it was last year and I gave you a Santa hat for said avatar, it's time to change it. Otherwise, you may select one of the Santa hats and/or other adornments below, and I'll use my sick graphical skillz to put it on your avatar. (If you don't choose a hat, I'll choose for you, for better or worse. [Worse.])


You know the rules, and so do I. But in case you have a poor memory, they are as follows:

  • Make sure your current avatar hasn't already been Santified last year or a year before that.
  • You can make a special request or ask for a Santa hat you found somewhere on the Interwebs, but it might be difficult to implement on your avatar. (Translation: I might be too lazy to accommodate your request.)
  • Some avatars won't look very good with a Santa hat, either because the Santa hat is cut off from view or for other reasons.
  • I probably won't be able to do animated avatars.
  • If you get a Santa hat from me, I'll save your original avatar somewhere and @ you after Christmas to remind you that it's time to de-Santify your avatar.
  • For every day beyond liturgical Christmas in which your Santa hat is still on your avatar, I will be angry and I'll probably keep @'ing you in a way that one could reasonably interpret as targeted harassment.
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15 minutes ago, Terminus24 said:

Yay! I'm new here but definitely would want one of thoose on my avatar (if possible) 😁

P.S: Number 5 would be fantastic! :)

Indeed it would be.


11 minutes ago, Zalor said:

I guess there is a first time to everything. I would like Santa hat #19 if possible.

A fine fit, my liege. I'll leave it to you whether you'd like to keep the black cut-off.



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On 12/4/2021 at 2:45 PM, ztrepzilius said:

I changed my avatar. I'm not sure if hats are suitable for Kemonomimis so I would like 27 as my first time. I hesitated for long time because some people recognize my identity by pfp and I prefer not to mention the source of other candidates if somebody asked.

The deed is done. Excuse the delay.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello again, nerds. Please revert your avatars back to their normal state no sooner than January 6th, when the liturgical season of Christmas ends.

If you fail to do so, I will keep pinging you in a way that can reasonably be interpreted as targeted harassment.













@Mr Poltroon

I don't know what your avatar was before, but fix it, loser.







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10 minutes ago, Fiddle said:

Please revert your avatars back to their normal state no sooner than January 6th, when the liturgical season of Christmas ends.

As a loser, rest assured that I will interpret your request in the most literal manner, and will certainly not revert my avatar before January 6th, as ordered. I am, however, allowing myself to assume you are referring to January 6th of 2022.

In fact, for your own assurance, I vow to not revert my avatar for the following decade, thereby guaranteeing I do not accidentally revert before the desired time.

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