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Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na -Brighter than Dawning Blue- translation questions


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Well, I played it, and it was playable, but had some quirks, mistranslations, and an untranslated parts (like Estel's presentation/lecture, where AFAIR text was in the form of the images). Overally, it shows that it's unfinished. From my "review-ish" post:

On 11/7/2018 at 5:54 PM, adamstan said:

Unfortunately translation isn't the best. I'm aware that it is unfinished patch, with almost year worth of editing not implemented. There are also some mistranslations and awkward lines here and there. It is readable, but rather rough. Of course the routes that were translated the last (Estel, Midori, Wreath and true) suffer the most. I spotted one particularly amusing mistranslation in Midori's route:


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When I read I was like "WTF?" - second Midori's line doesn't make sense in the context at all.

Actually she says "なんかさ、音楽も楽しいこともうれしいことも、全部どうでもよくなっちゃって" which would rather translate to something along "Music, fun things, happy things... I didn't care for any of it anymore" - and that fits with the previous and next line. As for the origin of this error, I suspect that どうでも got mistaken for とっても - when you're tired they can look somewhat alike ;)

Also, the line before says それだね、小学校六年の時, which means "in the sixth grade" rather than "six years ago", but here, by pure coincidence both versions are correct, as they are in the 12th year now (high school 3rd year), so sixth grade was six years ago ;)


Also, in Wreath's lines, sometimes "そう" and ”はい” are translated in a way that doesn't fit the context - like そう translated almost always as "I see", while in some lines it evidently meant just something like "yes/that's right". In the final route she is asked about something by Mai, (like "hey, was that blablabla?" kind of question) and confirms by saying はい, which got translated as "Okay", and it didn't make sense in a context ("Yes" would be more fitting).

I'm sure that it all would have been caught and corrected during TLC and editing stage, but unfortunately some parts of this patch are just 1st pass translation, so those kinds of problems are inevitable.

Also, while we can argue infinitely about honorifics :P , leaving "Itadakimasu", "Gochisousama", "Oba-san" and "Oji-san" untranslated was very bad idea. Actually, if there weren't some scenes where characters make fuss about them, I'd opt for removing honorifics from this translation too.

Another problem is that in Midori's, Estel's, Wreath's and true routes there are some images with parts of the story (like Estel's lecture) and they aren't translated.

Despite the translation problems, I loved the VN. I think one day I'm going to replay it in Japanese ;)

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