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Ciel Nosurge Offline fan translation patch project in its final phases

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Disclaimer: I am not personally involved in this project. I am just posting this progress update to inform the masses and get the project the acknowledgement and recognition it deserves, since this project has been flying under the radar for such a long time.

The Translation phase of the Ciel Nosurge Offline fan translation patch project is now finally 100% complete (as of last week)! Sooooo if you guys haven't known by now, there has been a fan translation project underway for Ciel Nosurge Offline during the past several years, with significant progress on it being made during 2020-2021. For context, Ciel Nosurge takes place in the same universe as the Ar tonelico series but is not considered a sequel to it since it takes place way before the events of the series. Though Ciel Nosurge ended up not being officially released in the West, however, for some reason, its sequel, Ar Nosurge, did. I am aware of Surge Concerto DX, which released in Japan earlier this year, though unfortunately, I have little to no confidence we will get any Western localizations of it so this is probably the best bet for playing a fully translated version of Ciel Nosurge. Anyway, I am hopeful we can get the patch release within the next year if not in the next few months, depending on how the editing and testing phases progresses.

Source: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/revatail_hymmne/ciel-nosurge-offline-translation-patch-project-t1044.html

VNDB: https://vndb.org/v15061


P.S. For anyone interested in the Ar tonelico series, the Ar tonelico II fan retranslation patch is a thing, if you guys want to check it out!

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Seems like the project is in need of some dedicated editors. Would recommend helping them if you have a good command of English, are committed to making consistent progress, and have a decent familiarity with the Ar tonelico/Surge Concerto series.

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