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Texthook for Amagami PPSSPP

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What people usually use and share on the net are h codes (you can recognize them since they always start with "h" at the beginning), r codes are another kind of code (if you know for example the tool "HAT", it does work with r code). The advantage is that it(almost) work with anything as long as it is recognized by cheat engine (you can hook Chaos Head Noah on ps3 emu with this for example, some ps2 and psp games too), this code is sadly useless once you close your game/emulator so you can't share those unlike h code (that's why you have to redo every steps when you want to use "HAT" for example).


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If I understood you correctly you are reffering to those Adresses you find in Memory view in Cheat Engine after searching for the text converted to numbers.


The problem I had with using this method in Amagami atleast was that my Output from that adress?/r-code? was static, and I would have had to ReUse the entire method to get the next text strings. 

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