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Hey - my name's Victoria and I love visual novels. I've played a lot on Nintendo Switch and Itch.io. As a writer, I decided to create my own, which is a royal romance. It's a WIP. 

Anyway, I came across this forum while I was doing some VN research and decided I would join. Not sure what to add here. Maybe some VNs I like? 

Here's a few: 

  • Code: Realize
  • Collar x Malice
  • Steam Prison
  • Andromeda Six
  • Red Embrace: Hollywood
  • Royal Alchemist

My discord is writingmysoul#6083. 

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Welcome to Fuwanovel and I see that you like otome VNs here, in which perhaps I can suggest you something like Taisho Alice or Bustafellows in case you still didn't play those two yet and want more of otome VNs. Good luck on your work on writing the VN, and I hope that you'll enjoy yourself here.

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