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Opinions to start a new project

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Hi guys i'm new to the forum and visual novels in general.. I've really played very few
I am an illustrator, writer and programmer, I am working on a graphic adventure style video game, being the first commercial game for me...
and i'm finishing it.... if you wanna check it = https://esterasbros.itch.io/leeward-episode-1
But that is not important

I want to do a second project experimenting with visual novels, and I decided to register in these types of forums to be able to get feedback and be able to do something better, and obviously meet people who are interested in my project and want to contribute things like a community of fans

I'd like to ask you a simple question to get started=
I have several ideas to make several visual novels, but I want to start with two that I have... Which of these two ideas is more cool to you?

1- You are a young wrestler that is making your way in the world of the indies while improving your character and meeting people, relationships, etc., until you reach the maximum wrestling company and you are a few years in it (more content could be added with updates)

2- You are a medieval fantasy character in a cyberpunk style dystopian future, where you improve your character, characteristics, etc., you meet people, and you fight in dungeons, secondary stories etc.

I would like to know your opinion, so... I'll begin to create the bases of this new project with your opinions

more late i'll determine deeper elements of the story, gameplay, monetization, or will it be a free game based on patreon support, idk

I await your opinions!!!

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I dunno, it depends on execution. Pick whichever want you want to make more. You're the one who's going to be spending hundreds of hours on it.

1. This is the more unique idea, though the reader (myself included) isn't prolly going to be a wrestling fan to start with, so you want some way to get the reader invested (possibly a relatable main character). Also, what type of gameplay?

2. Why is the medieval character in cyberpunk, is it that kind of world, or did they get teleported? What's the story arc? The issue with having cyberpunk setting / fantasy is that it's hard to narrow it down to a reasonable length story. This VN comes to mind: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1047010/Synergia/ If the story is more like embellishment for the game then maybe it doesn't matter so much. 

Swords x Cyberpunk is pretty cool, but yeah... boils down to if the gameplay is fun, or what's the story gonna be that hooks you. What you posted isn't even a real idea... it's just a setting + saying its a simulation RPG.

As a game dev, I think if you are making a game, the game being fun is the utmost concern -- since if it's not you could have just made a non-gameplay VN with better freedom/pacing and significantly less work. (It's also possible to just have mini-games that don't take up large parts of the VN)


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Hace 16 horas, Chronopolis dijo:

No sé, depende de la ejecución. Elija lo que desee para hacer más. Tú eres quien va a pasar cientos de horas en eso.

1. Esta es la idea más única, aunque el lector (incluido yo mismo) no va a ser un fanático de la lucha libre para empezar, por lo que desea alguna forma de que el lector se involucre (posiblemente un personaje principal con el que se pueda relacionar). Además, ¿qué tipo de juego?

2. ¿Por qué el personaje medieval está en cyberpunk, es ese tipo de mundo o se teletransportaron? ¿Cuál es el arco de la historia? El problema de tener un escenario / fantasía cyberpunk es que es difícil reducirlo a una historia de longitud razonable. Este VN me viene a la mente: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1047010/Synergia/ Si la historia es más como un adorno para el juego, entonces tal vez no importe tanto. 

Swords x Cyberpunk es genial, pero sí ... se reduce a si el juego es divertido, o cuál será la historia que te enganchará. Lo que publicaste ni siquiera es una idea real ... es solo un escenario + que dice que es un juego de rol de simulación.

Como desarrollador de juegos, creo que si estás creando un juego, la mayor preocupación es que el juego sea divertido, ya que si no lo es, podrías haber creado una VN que no sea de juego con mejor libertad / ritmo y mucho menos trabajo. (También es posible tener minijuegos que no ocupen gran parte del VN)


Gracias por su opinión..... answering your questions=

1-the game would be based more on improving physically and characteristics, to have better results in the matches... in addition to interacting with characters and your fans

2-I would not be a medieval character in the future... if not that the medieval fantasy world evolved so much that now it uses cyberpunk style technology.. imagine the lord of the rings, but hundreds of years later in the future

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