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Looking For A Partner To Help Create Visual Novel (no experience required)

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Hello, my developer name is Vivid Maze. I am currently creating a high-quality visual novel game. It is an erotic game with adventure and fantasy aspects. A young man and his friends stumble upon an amazing adventure. They discover a world of fantasy and experience a glorious twist of lust, love, and power. The player will influence the game by making choices, affecting the outcome of the story. Different choices will award certain scenes and animations. The game will adhere to your sexual preference and fetishes, based on the choices you make.  (I will send anyone interested the actual story and more info.)


 I am looking for someone to partner up with. It is lot of work to be doing alone. I have a background artist I hired, but I am looking for someone to help me out all around in working on and getting the game out quickly. I have been working on the game for a few months now and have made SOME progress, but nowhere near the amount I want. I have the groundwork laid out, but still in the beginning stages. 


I will list the requirements to be my partner below. Please DM me on here, or send me a message to:  vividmaze@outlook.com   for more information and to discuss the details.



-MOST IMPORTANT - Have a decent Laptop or PC. You will need one to work on some of the tasks I will give you. It does not need to be crazy expensive or high spec. I have a $500 or so MSI laptop and you could probably get by with less than that.

- Understand a bit of what goes into making a visual novel. It is a lot of work and costs a little bit to make the high quality type of game I am going for. Even if you have no experience, I would be glad to teach you. Be willing to learn and help grow/expand on the game.

*That is mostly it. As long as you have a decent laptop or PC and are willing to learn and help with the game, then you are the perfect candidate.*

Again, please DM me on here and or email me at: vividmaze@outlook.com   for more info. 

Would love to have you on the team! Thanks for reading. There is only one spot open, so contact me asap.

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