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Mashiro iro Symphony help

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So I just installed Mashiro iro Symphony, but I'm having some trouble.
I'm experiencing graphical errors which just makes the game unplayable.



I already installed the 1.1 patch and ran the mashiroiro_chs_1_1.exe, it didn't seem to do much.
Compatibility mode also didn't work.
I also have my system locale and location set to Japanese/Japan.

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It's the first time I see such glitches.

2 hours ago, Vorhd said:

I also have my system locale and location set to Japanese/Japan.

With badly set locale you'd usually just get garbage instead of Japanese text (or the game refuses to run at all)

When I played Mashiro Iro Symphony I had to fiddle a bit with various patches to make it start, but once it started, it ran without any errors. Maybe that's compatibility problem with newer Windows versions? I played on Win 7.

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