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Looking for games with over the top gore and about revenge

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So I just watched a video about the first three God of War games. Having ignored the series my whole life I had no idea how violent Krotos is, or even that he's the villain. While waiting for the collection on PS3 to come in the mail I was wondering if there were any other similar games where you just play an angry, violent person, ripping people apart for revenge?

Games I can think of: God of War series, Hotline Miami, Asura's Wrath (never played it, recommended?), Doom series, Metal Gear Rising (sorta)





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Asura's Wrath I personally like, but it isn't as gory as God of War. Most characters and enemies have machine-like bodies with golden (icor?) blood, so the gore part feels pretty toned down. But going by the Asura's motives, I prefer his over Kratos'.

And while I know a few other gory/gore-ish games, sadly, for the thread, none that I can remember have revenge or rage as the main characters' motivations.

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