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Writing a website for animes, need suggestion.

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I am not sure this is best place to ask, but this is related with anime and I think I can get some info that would not be possible elsewhere.

I am a junior frontend developer. But I am deeply unsatisfied with my current job (for ref, only 30% above minimum wage), so I am going to write a real public-facing website to get a new job. It is not going to generate any profit or has membership system. The idea is to show that I am capable of writing a website on my own.

I already have the UI drafted and tools assorted. I am going to use React, Typescript, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, HTML, GraphQL, with some CICD, web hosting, domain name stuff. I should not have too much technical difficulty, not anything I can't solve with some time. But I want to know if anyone has better tools or API to suggest.

I have done some research on the existing anime/VN websites, e.g. MyAnimeList, VNDB, AniList, visualnovelcharts, crunchyroll etc. anichart is the cloest to what I imagine, but it probably won't be as comprehensive. But I have already spotted some areas to improve in the site. e.g. You have to scroll around to use the filter and search. I suspect that is because it is intended for mobile by design.

Despite all that is said, I doubt it will have much practical usage and traffic so I might as well be bold in design and implementation. I want to know if there is any feature that you want to be included and why. Although I too would like to add fancy machine learning that analyse all past animes and predict the next big hit, that is beyond my capability now. Best list something that is so obvious and easy yet no one has done it before, e.g. allow resizing some container, because developer's computer screen is different from yours and suddenly something is off.

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Oh hey, it's you! Didn't think I'd see you posting again. ^^

So you're basically making a project for your portfolio? I wonder if anyone around here has the know-how that exceeds yours in any meaningful way. One person that comes to mind is @BunnyAdvocate, but I don't think they log in anymore...

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Well, I too didn't expect anyone to remember me. Thanks, that means a lot to me. To be honest, I was quite a terrible person. I was mentally ill, in depression. A lot has happened in the last 1-1.5 years for me, and no it is not just the pandemic.

I moved country. I learned new languages (real one, not computer languages). I got a job. I think I am much better as a person. I now type the computer for a living despite not having a CS degree. I am not currently working in the most sexy job but with my diligence, skill, I know I will get there eventually. One thing I like in programming/CS job is that much is in my hand. I don't need to be in laboratory or library to become better. I can start now and here. It is a good thing I have some goals in life.

I still occasionally check out VN but right now I have to fight for myself. Maybe when my life is properly on track I can appreciate other things in life.

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3 hours ago, zxdvas said:

(...) I still occasionally check out VN but right now I have to fight for myself. Maybe when my life is properly on track I can appreciate other things in life.

Hey, nothing wrong with enjoying VNs even when you have more going on in your life. ;) And happy to hear you're in a better place right now (both literally and metaphorically, I assume). Your old posts were bizarre in a very memorable way, so it'd be hard to forget them, but this thread immediately gave off a much better vibe, regardless of how different the topic is. I was surprised to see it, in a positive way.

Anyway, not sure I can add anything on topic, so I'll just wish you good luck on your project. :)

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