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First OELVN kamige? The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass

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So, the recent release of The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass went pretty unnoticed so far, but currently seems to get some attention thanks to a comment on VNDB. It actually has a rating above 8.5 with over 60 votes there, which is unusually high for an OELVN. There aren't even that many JVN's that high. It's a scifi mystery thriller that actually looks pretty professional. It uses NVL style, which I personally don't like that much, but if the story is good it might not matter that much.

So, for everyone who isn't already jumping on Muramasa and looking more for a SciFi mystery VN in the spirit of the infinity series titles like Ever 17, this might actually be worth a look.


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From what i've seen in reviews, the first 5 hours are really slow and even though the mystery gets much better later on, it's still not that great when it comes to character work. It does seem to be top tier as far as OELVNs go, but i wouldn't get too overhyped because we have enough of that with japanese VNs.

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Well this might be one of best VN that we have at this year, although I only focused on Japanese translated VNs though so I won't add this to my list. Of course it's quite rare for OELVN to get such high average score (The highest one so far is Katawa Shoujo at 7.84 followed by Lucid9 at 7.47), so if you interested with this then you can try it and see if Sekimeiya here really as good as people think (Of course you should keep the expectation in check as well) .

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