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A Methodical Plan to Make Western countries into respectable rivals of East Asian-originated Anime-style games, comics and animation

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I've been scrounging on the Internet researching on ways for how to increase more diversity in stories and characters in entertainment media which uses the Japan-originated ”Anime-style" art, and comments by some Japanese people spurred me into wanting to plan for a more pro-active action to increase that diversity ourselves. Some Japanese said, "If you want games with Black Protagonists, why not make it yourselves ? It's faster that way, right ?"

To that, I agree completely since I too can't wait anymore. I'm not Black but I want more stories with Black protagonists and diversity of characters. Therefore, from my perspective, I don't care who makes such products. It could be American, European, African, Indian or East Asian creators, since I just want to see stories like that with Black or dark-skinned protagonists. 

I do know that more representation will increase in Japanese-made works in the coming future, but just to give them "healthy competition" so they don't rest idly on their thrones as top animation and games maker in Asia, I urge more Westerners to make their own version of an Otaku company like China's Mihoyo. In other words, I want to see a company that could be a "Western Mihoyo" in which they create games and other otaku-catering products that appeal a lot to their local customer base ( like in America which has 13 percent Black population as opposed to less than 1 percent in Japan's population for its Black expatriates).

1. Create a Western-Mihoyo or Mihoyos(in all three North American, South American and European continents.

2. Africa can also create their own Mihoyo-like company for more stable countries. The more the merrier and bountiful for diverse characters, and stories.

3. Billionaires or multi-millionaires fund the creation of schools and colleges and universities focusing on Visual Arts, and specifically Anime and Manga Design and Video Game Making in Western and African nations. Those schools will have lots of curriculum devoted to creating artists and game developers that can rival the best in East Asia. The "African or Western-Made Tales of"-like games can be made in either of those nations. For example, the lessons can have classes focusing on studying selected few Japanese or Chinese-made games and anime and research on the details of their character design, backgrounds and art style and what makes them so good and visually pleasing, and then how to apply those same elements in our games albeit with our own characters and own climate, environments, backgrounds and story /cultures. In those schools, students must also be challenged to draw or create characters outside their race in order to build up more empathy for a more diverse fictional story creation. For example, Black students need to be assigned to create their own original White characters and vice versa....... Cross-cultural studies also needs to be introduced so as to increase more stories of "foreigner/alien in a distant land" trope which is a theme used in Dragon Ball and Superman. For example, an anime or manga made of a story set in a fictional fantasy world where a boy who looks African-like in appearance were banished from another continent and he then ended up unconscious in a distant European-inspired land where a middle-aged nobleman took him in as his own son in a coastal town. Many things can happen in the plot, such as him realizing he's actually a prince from his land who was banished due to a plot to oust him as the rightful heir to the throne by his wicked elder brother, so after the MC helped his friends and Main Girl solve their problems, in the future Story Arcs he and his new found "White" companions accompanies him on his journey back to claim his throne in his home country. How will they gain local resistance forces to fight for him to make him get back his throne ? That will be interesting story.......


PS : Diverse stories like that benefits people struggling to confirm their identities in this complex and climate-changing 21st century, as Mixed-Race children are projected to increase in the latter half of this century, so more stories should be made to cater to people like them so they feel included in every aspect of life on our blue and lovely planet. Homegenous East Asian countries can't be expected to lead the way, so it is Europe and the West that has more experience and history of interacting with many different cultures over the past 3000 years( Roman Empire VS Carthage, Persia VS Greece, Moorish invasions, Crusades, Ottomans, etc...) that should take the lead in creating more diverse stories......

The world also urgently needs Isekai stories with a Black Protagonist, not just for VNs, LNs, games, manga or anime, but also in live action settings with a "Narnia but with a Black Male Protagonist" kind of setting.  The heroine can be White to be more inclusive to Mixed-Race customers who would relate to such interracial settings. Heck Japanese Isekai is pretty interracial itself with the JP MC getting an Elven or White beauty as the main girl.

Shoujo Manga with a Black FMC is also needed.

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Since the OP each time make this kind of thread without realizing on how ridiculous it gotten as of now (I assume that the OP is really serious on his request and not do it just because he want to entertain us), perhaps it would be better to move this thread (And the future thread from the OP) to Coliseum of Chatter section if possible. 

PS - For my serious answer reply here, I suggest that the OP should learn Japanese and read Valusia or if he didn't want to do it then try Amayui (Those two VNs has dark skin MC if the OP in desperate need to self insert). If the OP here already play those two and still depressed (And make the same thread again), perhaps the OP here should really stop reading the VNs and try the other hobbies.

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