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Oyako Rankan Translation Project

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Visual Novel description


Project Information


Hello everyone, last month, since I started to self-teach Japanese, I asked myself why not to learn it while playing my favorite Visual Novel at the same time. After some research, I found that there's only a Prologue Patch+ Day 1 English Translation for this game and since I see no one else seems to interested to continue to translate the project. I take it upon myself to do the translation.

So the translation will mostly use DeepL and TranslationAggregator for every lines of the game for me to learn and memorize the Japanese grammar and vocabulary. At the moment, there's only me who's working on this project and I don't intend to recruit anyone else soon since I want to take my time to progress through the language. However when I advance in the script far enough (around 3/4 of the script), I'll probably recruit some proofreader and editer since English is also not my native language.

Even though there're many difficulties for this project, I hope I can go with you guys until the very end and produce something of quality. Thank you very much everyone.

Project Progress


Translation Progress: 5000/88847 lines (update 11/9, finished day 3)


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So at the moment, I've finished translating from prologue to day 3. To be honest, through the dialogue is not that hard, the H-scene is difficult to translate when mostly the character use the same words over and over,  and how you translate the sound effect.

Still does anybody have some knowledge on how to add new lines of text using alice-tools? I can't manage to do it so at the moment, I can only edit the already existing lines and alternate between them to write some more long phrase.  

That's it from me for now. It would be great if somebody knows how to use alice-tools and contact me to decrease the time of editing.


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