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Forbidden Fruit. The new episode "Akami's ancient temple" (0.4 reworked)

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In this episode: Vishka will reveal another secret of the island to Leo, and together the friends will face a formidable (or not so really) enemy guarding the ancient temple. Maya will master the bow, but this will only add more trouble to her, before joining Leo's squad she has a lot of work to do. Fish keeps an eye on Leo and the others to make sure they don't try to help Lucky. But without realizing it, he will fall into a trap. Leo has already come p with a plan to save Lucky and is about to begin to bring it to life.

You can download the update and get lots of cool stuff on our Patreon



Combat system :

- Background for dialogues - Background for fights - Background for rooms - Few types of monsters and one MonsterGirl (Boss) New storyline:

- Around 27k words of the new storyline - 4 New scenes! - 4 Additional Old scenes! - 3 Additional variants to old scenes from patrons!


- New art for Kujins tribe! - New song for Kujins tribe! - New art for the beach location. - Rework of few old Characters! -  Rework a lot of small things in the game  ( read previous posts)!

For patrons :

- More additional ways in scenes!

- More outfits!

- More content

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