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Since the introduction of Cloudflare protection, it's very hard to enter the forum

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15 minutes ago, NowItsAngeTime said:

Requiring a privacy pass browser add on just to let people access the site consistently sounds like bad design.

I did not say it was required, and I have nothing to do with the running of the site. I was offering a useful workaround that saves me a bucketload of time on a truckload of sites thanks to the all pervasive spam/bot/ddos world we live in, not just this one. Do with the information what you please...

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While I understand why the protection is needed, admittedly it's quite annoying to wait for Cloudflare page to finally showing the forum page, especially on android where I did open the page for the whole night and turned out it didn't get the result. As for how I cope with this, I did browse the forum using Mozilla browser which turned out is quite faster when it come to loading Cloudflare, and after I installed Mozilla in android I finally manage to browse the forum in my handphone. Anyway thanks for finally loosening the protection there.

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