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Examining Visual Novel Kickstarters. Do They Deliver What They Promised?


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The only VN I ever backed on Kickstarter was Dies Irae, which I mostly did because it felt like a really important achievement on the VN community's part. I remember there being delays, but personally I didn't mind. I did ultimately get everything I paid for. I do remember there was a lot of criticism of how the Kickstarter campaign was being handled at the time though. 

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At least Sekai has some lucky contract with KEY so that they can license Clannad which to say is quite a big VN even back when the available translation patch is very rough one, so that they have good standing. While for Sol Press, I admit that I support them in the beginning but with their planned initial release is a very old underrated VN safe to say that it won't interest most of the people, and not to mention that they're too hasty by taking too much licenses of well known VNs at once instead of taking it slowly (One can argue that Sol Press has bad luck with money, seeing that they didn't have enough money to pay the employee properly).

Good to see that Nekonyan here is quite successful, which is a lot to say for the company who said that they won't use crowdfund (Though they only use that for physical copy instead of paying the translation process like usual crowdfund). Of course it help that their licenses are usually well known name, especially when it come to moege. Ninetails did have good communication back at Frontier Kickstarter and even now at Hollow, although considering the new materials that they need to work on Hollow safe to say that expect them to release it at December might be asking too much (I definitely hope that we can see December release here).

PS - There's one time when Mangagamer do Kickstarter for Koropokkur, and let's just said that nobody interested to get the most expensive tier because it's too out there (Having dinner with illustrator Itaru Hinoue).

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