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Unwritten, a new mobile OELVN app, soon to be released! [VN] [RPG elements] [hybrid]

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Hi everyone!¬†ūüĎč

I already know some of you through Discord server, I've been talking about this game my friends and I are working on, but let me introduce it to everyone in more detail here! 

Unwritten: How will your story end? is a F2P visual novel game that 15 of us worked together on, for more than 10 months!
It will feature hybrid gameplay with interactive elements and choice-based system that WE KNOW will make a difference!


We're hoping to bring something new to the world of visual novels, be it through the beautiful art, unique personalities of each series, or compelling storytelling that combines different interactive elements to create a truly exciting narrative. Also, featured series will be diverse with genres and will range from modern love and romance to mystery, fantasy, horror, comedy, drama… 

The first four series of the game have already been announced! Those are: Second Society (a paranormal/vampire story), Triple Scoop (a high school comedy setting), Gears of Snow and Cinders (a very cool fantasy/forbidden love series) and Business with Pleasure (set in a steamy, passionate location of a popular club!)

The series first to be released is Business with Pleasure, and I'm happy to introduce Camila and Ignasi, main protagonists of the series!
Keep in mind that these are not their only looks! (you can pick the gender, race, clothes, hair etc)



The game will be released very soon, both on Google Play and App Store!

We'll make sure to update you about that, ofc! But while we're waiting for the release, I'm inviting you to join our official subreddit! There you'll get the newest content and learn more about the game, read the full synopsis of these series, details about the development of the game, fanart etc. 
Link to our sub ---- Unwritten


Some more info about Unwritten:

  • Choices WILL make a difference! Based on the choices you made in the game, the plot shifts to a different version of the same path. Those new paths triggered by the choices are creating a much larger story, and an entertaining¬†experience that will be similar to reading the book or watching a TV series.¬†¬†
  • Points based structure, which dictates the progression of the game. They are not implemented to add to¬†the difficulty of the game, but to truly immerse players into the storyline and give them higher control while playing.
  • The authenticity of the characters and the situations. Often, main characters and NPCs in games are lacking the backbone, or the conviction when doing something. We tried to counter that in the game and give them their own mindset, backgrounds, traumas and triggers, with some more realism woven in the plot. Ofc, the series and scenes will have trigger warnings when applicable!
  • Diversity!¬†We want our app to be inclusive, affirmative, and¬†positive! We're aiming to become an app that will set a new standard on the market and be universally enjoyed by everyone, no matter the cultural¬†background, religion, gender, race, sexuality, or age!
  • More TBA!¬†ūü§©ūüėÄ

I'm looking forward to all of your comments and questions here, I'll try to answer each one of them!
But to make sure we're seeing your messages, please contact us directly on our sub, or through our social media channels: Instagram Facebook Tumblr

Thank you!!!!!!¬†ūü•į

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