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Missing images [Togainu no chi]

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For some reason, the majority of images (cg, backgrounds, sprites, objects) aren't turning up for me and are replaced by a black screen, or just an absence of sprites. The little 'mug shot' at the bottom of the text doesn't show any image either. Funny thing is that the voices and text work perfectly. Some images work (keisukes sprite, the beginning knife cg, a little bit of background) but most of them are jsut black screens.


I've reinstalled a few times (both the iso and eng patch) and restarted my computer and upgraded my emulator. Nothing seemed to fix it. 


Anyone knows what's going on?  (Using Applocale and Windows 7)

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I think that might be the problem. I found a thread on aarinfantasy of someone who sounds like they had a similar problem:




He said that the problem was the he didn't install it in japanese locale and instead used applocale to open it.


Hope this helps.

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