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Rewrite SiglusEngine.exe not found


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I'm a grown ass man and I wanted to play Rewrite in the year 2021 so I spent like half a day looking at setup guides and trying to get it installed and set up properly and it won't even start setting up because when I try to run the autorun I get this message.

SiglusEngine.exe が見つかりませんでした。


I can gather that it says the siglus can't be found, but can I even do anything about that? There's a siglus in SetupData/GameData, but I can't move it anywhere. I tried running the siglus there but it didn't get me anywhere. After looking at old forum posts I found out that apparently I need some .bat file too now? All I've managed to do so far is set my locale to Japanese. I feel like I'm going crazy and that this shouldn't be as hard as it is someone help me out here. 


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