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Romance with interesting plot

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I'm looking for some english translated romance vns that manage to be more than dating sims, with a degree of plot that makes for an actual story instead of just a linear way to date and romance heroines. 

Currently waiting for both Sharin no Kuni and Hello Lady releases since both these vns fit the criteria, but i dont think they will launch anytime soon. 

Other examples would be G senjou (maou plot), koichoco (election plot) and Clannad, although I dont think im ready for another hardcore tearjerker.

Thanks beforehand.

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You can always pick the current Sharin translation though, but if you want to wait then it's okay. For the recommendation, I guess I can recommend something like Daitoshokan, Senren Banka, Dracu Riot (Like Sharin you can also pick the available translation), and Sanoba Witch. I don't know if you already read those VNs or not, but if not then I hope my recommendations here would be helpful to you.

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