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Need help. I'm suffering from severe depression now...

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Hello guys, it's me, from the Black Protagonist VN thread, Nenor.

Now if you already know from my threads, I have been longing so much to play a VN featuring both a Black Male Protagonist and diverse heroines of all kinds for a long time, and this has caused me deep depression at not being able to find the suitable product in the market that I can purchase or play for my own entertainment and fun.

The pain of not being able to experience something despite how much you long or desire for it is causing me tremendous psychological distress, as it feels like me wanting something so much but can't attain it due to it not being created yet. 

I feel like as if nothing else in this world can entertain me even the slightest as I only long and desire for a VN with a Black MC now and don't want anything else, so are there are any suggestions that anyone here can offer to help me solve this problem ASAP ? I really really hope someone out there makes a VN like this because I want to play it so very much. If I am rich, I'm willing to pay as much as it takes for a quality AAA-title VN with this kind of protagonist is made in either an Isekai or Magic School setting, so can anyone help brainstorm ideas as to how to enable the creation of this VN ASAP so that I can finally be released from this stressful period in my entire life so far.

By the way, due to certain specific reasons I am unable to get a girlfriend in real life for the time being, so it's necessary for me to play a VN with a Black Protagonist to make me happy. Nothing else can entertain or make me happy now, I just want a VN with a Black MC. Just one will do the trick provided it is of high-quality product and not with mostly super-amateur artwork or lackluster story.....

I know in the future, there will be more diverse protagonists in not only VNs but also RPGs and sci-fi video games, but if that is 10 years later down the road that means I am simply born too early to experience such diversity in videogames. In such future times, I will probably be envious of Black or POC kids and teenagers of that future era that can so easily pick and play any games that have main characters that look like them while here I am in 2021 struggling to discover any VNs that have Black MCs with diverse heroines of all kinds of colors and types..... I was born into the wrong era to experience such diversity.....in the medium I love....


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Most VN are japanese, that's why there's barely any woke diversity and all that, because that country haven't been tainted with such needless political conflict, as far as i know at least.

And if you're talking about having a problems with VN that has anime artstyle then.

The only race anime have is simply anime, no causcasian, latinos, asians, africans etc. if you have problems with anime, just treat them as it own thing, they all have the same oversize eyes and unnatural body structure, just treat them as a completely different fictional beings like dwarve or elf if you're really that desperate to have something to project yourself on.

As for your complaint for not having a girlfriend, well wether you're young or not, like the comment above, just go outside and socialize, just try, and if you made a bad first impression with strangers then that's okay, don't think too much about it cuz what's the worse could've happen?

And one last advice from a stranger, don't mix any IRL politics such as diversity with video games, it'll do nothing but ruining your experiences just like what you doing now, just don't think much about it, play the games enjoy the story, and try not to project any IRL politics you have in your head into the game you're playing, just disregard those thoughts thanos snap it if you can.

and please, don't use VN or any video games to cope with your personal problems, just think about how you can improve your life, remember there are millions of solutions to any problems, and you just have to search for one

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4 hours ago, Kennedy Krane said:

and please, don't use VN or any video games to cope with your personal problems

Using games for coping with RL problems is not a bad thing by itself. Obsessing over them or doing nothing but playing is where the problems start... 

And for the OP, I don't think there exists any shortcut to getting what they want... No one will make a project of that scale on someone's whim. I can maybe propose some half-measure VNs, where dark-skinned protagonist is an option at the very least? The first one that comes to my mind is Hustle Cat - protagonist gender choice and both male and female love interests. There's a bunch of good otome and yuri games with dark-skinned protagonists, but I guess you're not interested in those... 

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I can say that your persistence is impressive and admirable in a way. While granted people can suffer from severe depression, not everyone depressed over the same thing like you so unfortunately you won't get anything that can cure your depression even if you ask for help here, especially when your cause of depression is looks so small to the most if not all of the people. That said, I know that depression is really a serious matter regardless on whether the cause is big or small, so I'll just suggest you to read this article in order to help you to cope with the depression and I hope it'll help you even if it's only at the slightest bit.

PS - Actually you shouldn't throw the word depression easily here, but whatever.

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