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Visual Novel Demographic Research

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Hi There,

I am a game designer interested in doing visual novels and I was looking for some demographic data on visual novel players but wasn't able to find any, so I decided to get some basic, semi up-to-date data myself. So, I wrote up a survey and was hoping to get people here to fill it out.


DISCLAIMER: Any data I receive will be used purely for academic purposes, I am not collecting any form of identifying data and if any identifying data is found the response will be thrown out. Once I have let the survey run for what I deem a sufficiently long time I will close it and come back here with the results. I expect to leave the form open until I stop getting responses, or until I decide I have enough data


Here is the link to the google form, Thank you for your participation


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Lemmasoft has done several surveys of their membership. However, that is an EVN dev community.


"Primary Language" may need clarification. I put "English" there because I don't care for Swedish visual novels particularly much, but I could read one in any of Swedish, English, and Japanese. I'm not sure what you're going for.

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