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Help with Yu-ris Unpacking toolset (18+ game)

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I want to try and tweak the dialogue of the english release of CLOCKUP's "Healthy Hentai Lifestyle" which was released a few months ago.
CLOCKUP games use the Yu-Ris visual novel engine which has a reputation for being difficult to work with, and I'm using a program called YuRISTools (see below) which says it's an all-in-one tool.
I've managed to extract the .ybn files from the script.ypf using it, but naturally they're all encrypted. Since it doesn't come with a guide I've basically been fumbling around in the dark and I've tried putting every single file that came with the game into the tool to try and find the correct 8 digit cypher/code, but have turned up nothing.
Does anyone have any experience with this tool?


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Those tools look interesting.

Quick note though: there's a bug(?) or inconsistency in the tool's Magic32 function (at Checksum.cs line 102).
Replacing line 102 with  for (int r = 0; r < high; r++)  seems to generate the correct key.
The comment in there says it's some unknown algorithm, but it's actually just regular

edit: The bug is now fixed.

Using the input string  KenzenDl_e  should generate this xor key for your game: 35261381

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So the version I was using was broken all along? Just great.
Any chance you'd be able to supply me with a build of the fixed version? That link I posted was given to me by a random anon months ago, I was never able to find an official release anywhere...

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Only the string->key calculation was broken but that's not required if you already know the xor key.

Use the xor key I gave for this game. It will decrypt the scripts perfectly with your older tool build.

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Yeah, I'm clearly just too stupid to operate this toolset, can't figure out how to get the translate assistant working, or how to properly repack it. would be nice if it's developer included a simple guide.

Thanks anyway guys.

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Hi! Personally, I use Game Extractor –it supports unpacking archives of more than 1400 games and programs, and has the ability to connect additional BMS scripts for unpacking. In addition, the program can open and unpack archives of at least a hundred more games and programs that are not included in the list of supported by developers, thus bringing the number of supported games to at least one and a half thousand. I found out about this program with the help of yes gamers site.

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