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Help repacking ADV HD engine script files (.ws2)

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I'm looking for help with the game Dynamic Chord feat. apple-polisher (VNDB page). I've already translated to spanish Dynamic Chord reve parfait and I'm working on Liar-S right now, both of which have an older version of the engine (the one with the .wsc file extension).

It's a honeybee black otome game that uses the AVDHD engine (a new version of the Will co. engine, it seems). It uses a .ws2 file extension for the script files (these are packed into the Rio.arc file, but I was able to extract them).

The problem comes when repacking the text into the .ws2 files and replacing them into the game.

So far I've tried 3 different methods:

1) Will Plus Manager (link) this tool lets you edit the ws2 directly (without converting them into a .txt) and then repack them into a .arc. This was my most ‘succesful” attempt, in that it showed the text exactly as expected in-game. However, the game freezes once it reaches the end of the modified file. 

2) ahdprc (link) the .txt I get out of the ws2 files lack some dialogue lines. I also couldn’t get it to repack stuff succesfully. When I try to replace the files in the game and open it, I just get an error and a blank text box.

I also tried a combination of ahdprc (for the first steps) + Will Plus Manager (for the encrpytion and packing), but with the same result of just using the Will Plus Manager.

3) get_ws2_text (link) this tool can extract the text, but there’s no way to reinsert it.

Here’s the Rio.arc file I’m trying to modify: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jn0lyrv1rzzdlul/Rio.arc/file

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