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Visual Novel Monthly Recap - April 2021 News (ft. Great Ace Attorney)

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Late to comment here, but better late than never.

  • Nekopara Boy - Okay good for female fans of Nekopara (Which probably has quite a number) that want to date the handsome heroes I suppose, although what I can say is that the story would obviously be lighter compared to usual translated otome VNs (I must say that usually otome VNs can offer many interesting stories compared to usual VNs).
  • feng VNs - Good for Sekai that they take care of their fans worry in regard on their declining backlog. For serious notes, I suppose just expect those as light moege in which it should be good if you're expecting something light. Another thing to note that since feng was bankrupted, easy to say that Sekai may get the bargain in regard of the licenses. All in all, not something that I'm quite interested with that yet but at least the graphic for those VNs are quite good.
  • Dramatical Murder - Redundant release from JAST seeing that we already have this in the past (Regardless on the old translation is unedited). Oh well, at least good to see that JAST started being aggressive in regard of release compared to what they did in the past.
  • Musicus - Congratulation to Mangagamer in regard of Overdrive's (So-called) Magnum Opus and Swan Song, although from what I see the reaction to Musicus here might be a bit more mixed compared to back when it's untranslated if the scores on VNDB is any indication (It's just been more than a month and yet the average score was dropped by more than 0.5 points). Well in the end I suppose it's depend on each other whether you'll find that Musicus is good or not
  • Sakura no Uta and Bishoujo Mangekyou 3 - No comment in regard of the implausible challenge for the former (Arranging 60 translators would be a bit too difficult, because it mean that there'll be 60 minds to think on how should a certain words to be translated as) and and dubious requirement for the latter, but in any case I just hope that I can see the result of the projects. Speaking of Sakura no Uta translation, it's interesting to note that Bishoujo Mangekyou 3 translator has a point that it's impossible to find a large number of translators.
  • Great Ace Attorney - Good to see that Capcom decided to localize this after I think that it might be impossible seeing that Capcom like to localize the Japanese name. Speaking of that, turned out that there's no name change in regard of Japanese name although Capcom did change Sherlock Holmes and Iris Watson name though, and turned out that the reason is in order to avoid the copyright in the USA in that the license for 10 Sherlock Holmes stories is still not expired there (It'll be expired at January 2023 later). Here's the article in regard of copyright of Sherlock Holmes from Eurogamer in case you're curious.
  • Sugar * Style - While it's not as good as either Fureraba or Makeover for some people, it's still a Smee VN so obviously it should be good recommendation in case anyone want some moege with over the top comedy and some romance. Other thing to note is that some of the joke is resembled Yuzusoft VNs, so one should be keep that in mind if he didn't like that kind of joke.

That's all for my comment in regard of April 2021, and overall it's quite calm after Nekonyan several new announcements.

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