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Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challenge

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Good idea in theory, impractical in practice.


1. There are many people fluent in Japanese who do not want to commit to a long project without pay, but translating ~1000 lines is far more manageable and would entice more people to apply.



1. Different people inevitably have different writing styles/translation interpretation, so trying to make the style/translation interpretation consistent would be infinitely difficult, if not impossible. And that's assuming their Japanese level is about the same, which is highly unlikely.

2. Translation teams already fall apart when its only 5-6 people with translators disappearing off the face of the Earth. Managing ~70 people with editors and TLCs is pretty nigh impossible. You would be lucky if you're left with half of the translators you started with in 6 months.

3. You are going to get tons of haters because the VN community is VERY VOCAL about a sub-par translation of a highly acclaimed visual novel.

4. With this many people, the company is highly likely to learn about this project at some point, and you may be hit with a C&D. Or there may be a troll who tells the company on you. There are just some neutered people like that in the world.

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Well good luck on the project even though it might be impossible and not to mention tedious even with DeepL help, and also the possible difficulties of managing 60 people. That said, if you manage to produce some satisfying progress like your Tsui no Sora Remake I'll admit that you have some point on recruiting 60 people for Sakura no Uta project here.

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