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Looking for a Development Team [NON-PAID]

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We are looking for:

- Writer (2)
- BG Artist (1)
- GUI Artist (1)
- Composer (1-2)
- Social Media Manager (1)

Hi! I'm Sirius, and I'm here to find a small team that aims to create a visual novel. 

But first and foremost, I would like to inform you that this will be a non-paid project. So this is more out of a passion project. Currently I have two programmer and Artist in my team, but it's still missing some people. I'm 18 ayears old, a student who's currently taking a computer related field so I have a bit of knowledge about programming as well. And yes, this is my first time. About the game, the genre would be likely a fantasy and romance. 

All questions will be entertained through e-mail. So, if you have the same passion as ours and interested as well, my inbox is open for you! My e-mail address is thebluishstar@gmail.com

Thank You!


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