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Biman 3 (/BM3 - Bishoujo Mangekyou Kami | 美少女万華鏡神) [Translation]

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[Source: VNDB]



For the script, under blog tab and in the google docs link

Now recruiting a hacker to inject the script into the game


Introduction: I am translating BM3

Progress: It's getting there, I'd say about 30%

Recruiting: Looking for a hacker and editor (Must be based and Asian with experience in Eastern Culture, not accepting others) ... or at the least, a woke Marxist-Leninist... or politically open-minded...

Methods: Textractor, Nazeka Firefox, Locale emulator, A simple TTS - that's all there is to it.


"It was an era unknown. Long after the prosperity of the human civilization - once the ruler of the Earth - had waned, more time passed still...

Reminiscent of the edge of the world, there was a place, and in that place the tower stood tall. In the tower a scientist lived. He was alone. For humanity had abandoned this place, he desired company. Left behind by the civilization no more, it was their scientific knowledge that he had in his hands. By using their magic-like technology, he finally sets forth to create a maid robot.." Source: VNDB


Concerns, corrections, questions can be sent to my mail under the contact tab.

You may also reach me in the discord link under the blog tab.



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  • biman3translation changed the title to Biman 3 (/BM3 - Bishoujo Mangekyou Kami | 美少女万華鏡神) [Translation]

Don't worry, if no one ends up joining I'll learn the hacking by myself. It should be doable. It's just that it would be easier if there was an expert to help. It's not a role I desperately need, but rather a role that would be convenient to have. The goal is not to make friends but to get things done. I want to see bm3 finished and spread Happoubi Jin's art everywhere within the western communities. 

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