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technical issue while trying to translate kirikiri game with translator++ [Solved]


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So, i'm trying to translate a kirikiri engine eroge (https://vndb.org/v26313) published by アパタイト (appetite) using "Translator++". Everything went smoothly until i try to run the finished translation project. This is what it looks like when i try to run it https://imgur.com/a/s1MzXOS. Just that pop up, black screen and the kirikiri titlebar

Yeah, so anyone know how to solve this? Thanks in advance.

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Solved by using guide posted by user Yurionice.


Translating Kirikiri Games: A Step-by-step Guide

Tools needed: A game, KrkrExtract, Notepad++

  1. Install KrkrExtract.exe and KrkrExtract.dll to the game directory. Other files in the folder should include data.xp3 and the game's executable file (game_name.exe), as well as savedata and plugin folders.
  2. Drag the game's executable file to KrkrExtract.exe to launch it. It should launch both the game and KrkrExtract.
  3. Drag the data.xp3 file to KrkrExtract window. You do not need to mess with any of the settings or press any of the buttons. It should automatically create a new folder in the game directory called KrkrExtract_Output. Within this folder should be a folder called data.
  4. Remove the data.xp3 file from the game directory. You can move it to another folder elsewhere on your PC, or just delete it.
  5. Remove the data folder from the KrkrExtract_Output folder and place it directly into the game directory. The KrkrExtract_Output folder should be empty now, so you can delete it.
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