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Fun Summer-themed VN Recommendations

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Hey guys,

I actually recently got back to Fuwa after three years (lol). And The only VNs I touched in that time was Summer Pockets and Sakusaku (which I couldnt finish). I have a special place for KEY VN but they havent released any new ones in a while.

So my question to you all is this:

What are some wholesome VN similar to KEY with a summer theme? I dont really care for H VN especially ones especially focused on H. But if its good VN with H content then i guess its okay.

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Natsuiro Recipe (slow life in the country SOL that I generally recommend for people who want something heart-warming)

Natsuyume Nagisa (nakige by Saga Planets)

Ren'ai Karichaimashita (only reccing this because it is translated)

Yakusoku no Natsu, Mahoroba no Yume

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Late to the party here. As for the recommendations, I can suggest something like Nanairo Reincarnation (Has supernatural element which should be the closest one to KEY VNs), Aokana (No supernatural but the setting is in summer), and Making Lovers (Has a lot of comedy and the setting is in summer) in case you still didn't play those three yet. I hope that my recommendations here will be helpful to you.

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