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What are some good visual novels that are also simulation games?

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I wanna read a visual novel that has segments where the player plays a simulation game where you increase stats. There must be significant amounts of uninterrupted story with ADV or NVL presentation with frequent narration, so stuff like Huniepop, Long Live the Queen, and the Persona series is out. 

Also my Japanese isn't the best so the game has to be translated if not in English originally.


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Little Witch Romanesque 

It's one of the best raising VN sims out there in English and this is where Long Live The Queen got the idea in addition to the Princess Maker Series.

Some people say its even better than Princess Maker but you'll be the judge of that!


Shining Song Starnova

Shining Song Starnova: Idol Empire

Since they are all about idols and stuffs


Beat Blades Haruka

Beat Angel Escalayer R

They kinda feel like a simulation of sorts and an raising sim when you play them despite being an RPG...


You can also find other titles in VNDB


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Well in case you still didn't know it you can try Wizard's Climber in that it's about the VN where you raised the girl to be the best wizard, although beware that the gameplay is kind of difficult. Other than that, I seconded Romanesque and Beat series although beware that Beat series also come with some disturbing sex scenes. I hope that my recommendation here will be helpful to you.

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