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Hana Macchia is a female Indonesian virtual YouTuber and a first wave member of Nijisanji ID, Nijisanji's Indonesian Virtual Liver branch with Taka Radjiman and ZEA Cornelia.

A university student majoring in design, Hana debuted to create a safe space for people to feel comfortable, entertained, and not alone. She will always accompany and encourage you from afternoon to evening. She has a considerable sense of curiosity. Hana is also a person who smiles easily. In addition to having a great sense of curiosity, she also wanted to try something she only knew, for example on Minecraft streams when he collaborated with Taka and ZEA, she wanted to do Debus in front of them even though in the end, Taka prevented her from doing that.

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I generally have little interest in Nijisanji and Hana isn't really that much of an exceptions when it goes to reasons why. She doesn't have any eye-catching gimmicks and generally doesn't play a character. Her mannerisms also didn't immediately convinced me to follow her streams. However, eventually I ended up watching her PSO2 content due to my own interest in the game and I started understanding her appeal better. A bit similarly to Amelia Watson, she's quite passionate about games and very open and honest with her audience. She's also a bit older than you average JP or ID streamer and it shows in how she communicates with her fans, the typical streamer goofiness aside. Of course, her popularity is in decent part connected to her being a relatively early English-speaking v-tuber (she's a Japanese/American hafu living in Indonesia and her English is native speaker-level), but I think she very much deserves being the flagship creator for Nijisanji ID.

*The glasses portrayed above are a new addition and it's unclear how much use they'll get in the future, however, as a glasses-loving degenerate I felt the need to feature this version of Hana over any other.

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