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Frontwing is having a Grisaia series character popularity poll (Grisaia Trilogy, Phantom Trigger, Chronos Rebellion) until end of March

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You vote here:



They force you to vote in Grisaia, Phantom Trigger, and Grisaia Chronos but I just put "Other" with N/A text for the latter 2. The last page has a required field you put an e-mail address so you can be entered for an Amazon (JP?) raffle.

These are the current results as of March 17:


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What I can comment? Well Poor Haruto in that he wasn't as popular as Yuuji in that the latter was in top 3, although then again Haruto here didn't have as much as presence as Yuuji from what I see, doubly so if we know that the first MC in Phantom Trigger is the new teacher instead of Haruto and therefore diminishing his presence even further.

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