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Some problems with the translation I'm doing


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Hi everyone.

First time I'm posting here and I hope I can get some help.

I'm translating Miniature Garden (https://vndb.org/v16658) in french and I'm near the end of my translation.

I'm not the best with these things but I manage to create a patch that works.

I use inedit to do the translation and GARbro to create the patch.

I don't know if it can be useful but the patch extension is .xp3 and the engine is KiriKiri. I translate from the English version of the game.

So here are my 2 problems :



Special characters like à, ù, ô, â, ë, œ, etc... are all in bold. It's very unpleasant to read with some letters in bold (and there are some in almost every sentence). So I was wondering if there was a way to put them normal? Or maybe to put everything in bold in this case.



Maybe a common issue but I really don't know how to translate the choices since they are not translating while I do it in the file...



So if someone can help me with this, I would be really grateful ! Thanks.


(I make use of this message to say that if there is a French person who is interested in correcting the patch (errors, rephrasing, etc ...), you can contact me with discord Kudou#9748)

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Hi! Best of luck with your translation patch! Some thoughts below:

Issue #1
The special characters aren't just bold, they're a different font entirely. (Your base font is serif; the special characters are sans-serif.) Most likely answer is that the English version of the game is using a custom font, which in Kirikiri is usually stored as .TFT files, and that font doesn't include accented characters. So whenever one of those shows up, the engine reverts to its default font.

Possible solutions include:

  • creating your own custom font containing the characters you need. (There's a font tool in the Kirikiri SDK.)
  • tuning off the custom font in the config files and sticking with the game's default (which won't be nearly as pretty).
  • asking the Académie Française to only use unaccented characters from now on. (YMMV)

Issue #2
Haven't run into that exact situation before, but I'd start by doing a search of all your .ks scripts to see if those choice text strings are duplicated anywhere. I've worked with other Kirikiri scripts where that ended up being the case...

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